TV: Believe [Ted Lasso]

67 ~ Ted Lasso

I was in a real icon making funk, but the lates inspiration post from jsfunction at somein30 just really spoke to me, and I decided to just open Photoshop, and make some icons with my latest obsession - Ted Lasso. I love odd / obscure crops, but I also really like close crops and using the screencap's original peculiarity. So here are the results. Some are more obvious, and some I had a bit more fun with. I hope you enjoy these!

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TV: Wanda [WandaVision]

65 ~ Multifandom

I had no idea this year will be so busy for me, so this is the small collection of icons for different challenges from January.

18 | TV (The Boys, WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, GLOW, Queen's Gambit, The Walking Dead, Westworld, Riverdale)
08 | Movies (Spider-Man: Far from Home)
04 | People (Anne Hathaway, Lucy Hale, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga)
05 | Stock

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TV: Midge [The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel]

64 ~ Multifandom

Life is shit, so what better way to cut off from everything and make some icons for somein30. I wanted to make some more, but I had no time, so I made like one-two a week for the whole month. Of course all of these are in the minimalistic style, as it's my go to most of the time.

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Movie: Spider-Man

63 ~ Multifandom

And for the last time this year, all my icons made in December for various challenges. With a bunch from Supernatural battle, celebrating the 15 years of one crazy show, that you can check out HERE.

37 | TV (Supernatural, Warrior, Queen's Gambit, Twin Peaks, Community, 2 Broke Girls)
04 | Movies (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
04 | Stock

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TV: Luci [Disenchantment]

62 ~ Multifandom

I didn't think I'll finish this entry for somein30, but thankfully I made 10 icons, trying to show me being here, and making icons. I went with a EXTRA HARD MODE (crazy, right?).

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TV: Luci [Disenchantment]

61 ~ Icon Dump

A big bunch of icons from October and November for different communities. These were the months of me being undecided...that's why almost everything in here have at least one alternate version.

33 | TV (Banshee, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Mandalorian, Westworld, The Musketeers, The Scandalous Lady W, Queen's Gambit, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, American Horror Story: Coven, Supernatural, The Good Place)
25 | Movies (Knives Out, Spider-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Hellboy, Star Wars, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Far from the Madding Crowd, Jojo Rabbit, The Black Dahlia)
16 | People (Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Bae Doona, Danai Gurira, Lady Gaga, Karen Gillan, Elle Fanning)
06 | Stock

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TV: Luci [Disenchantment]

60 ~ The Umbrella Academy

Inspired by shameless666's The Umbrella Academy set, and the vibrant vs pale inspo post at somein30 I just sat down and produced a set for the new, third challenge. This was such a fun time for me. The vibrant vs pale challenge might seem easy, but not all caps want to cooperate with you, and sometimes the colors are not working as I'd lke them to. I went with the Normal Mode, though some of these are inspired by colour palletes and icons from the wonderul inspo post. I went with 10 muted / 10 vibrant set - all from The Umbrella Academy.

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